How to train a 3-month-old puppy to urinate and defecate?

It is common to have dogs as pets in the home, and this is more common in the city than in the countryside. In rural areas dogs can move around the yard, while in the city, the dog can only move around the house, if it says poop, say pee, is going to bring a lot of trouble to the owner, and is not good for health, and over time, the owner will also be bored, and thus lose confidence in raising a dog. Why does this happen? It is because we simply “raise” the dog”, but not to train it, teach it to urinate and defecate in the toilet can be the perfect solution to this problem.

1. Know the fixed toilet place

We can take the puppies to the bathroom when it is time to go to the toilet, and then close the door, to make the door make a sound, after a few times they will know that banging the door closed means to go to the toilet. Puppies are very smart, so after a week or two of training, they will be able to go to the toilet by themselves.

2. Know when your puppy goes to the toilet

We can only train the puppy if we fully understand when he defecates. In general, The puppy will generally defecate at these three points in time: one after a romp, one after a nap, and one half an hour after eating. Of course this time is not fixed, each dog’s habits are different and the time will definitely vary. We can set an alarm clock to remind ourselves that this point puppy is to the time to urinate and defecate and then take it to the toilet. This process is not said to be completed in a day or two, so be sure to stick to it.

3. Reward with kindness

Just like teaching a baby, when a puppy can finish urinating and defecating in a fixed place, we must reward it by giving it a favorite snack, cookie, canned dog food, etc. If we find the dog does not pee and poop in the toilet, but in other parts of the house, this time to reprimand it, but pay attention to the tone of voice. Let it understand that it is not right to do so, and then guide it to go to the designated place to urinate and defecate.