Why do dogs suddenly urinate frequently or in large quantities?

If the owner is less experienced and confused, you may wish to cross-reference the following causes and measures.

1. Take too much water

If the dog just suddenly appears this kind of situation in a day, it is not a big problem.

In addition, if the dog is relatively young, it may be because the urinary system is not fully developed, lack of control in this area, coupled with the daily diet is based on milk, liquid food, thus appearing frequent urination for a while a urine situation, which is a normal physiological reaction.

2. Marking territory during special times

Also, if your dog only urinates frequently when you are outside, it is possible that your dog is marking territory. Some adult male dogs have a sense of “territoriality” so they will pee a little bit when they go outside.

3. Urinary problems

After ruling out the above, the dog still has frequent urination, it is possible that there is a physical problem, especially in the urinary system, such as the more common urinary tract infections, urinary stones, cystitis, etc.

The owner needs to observe the physical condition of the dog, if the dog’s physical and mental state is still relatively normal, only a short-term problem with frequent urination or post-operative care, the pet owner can be observed by feeding the dog a pet urinary powder such as pet DEI. After a period of time, the effect is not satisfactory or the dog’s problem is serious, then you need to promptly seek medical examination and treatment.