Why can’t the dog stand up with weak limbs?

Dogs are unable to stand because of a chronic lack of vitamins, calcium and other nutrients necessary for growth and development, or because of limb injuries such as ligament strains, sprains, cartilage injuries, fractures, and broken bones. Some dogs with distemper, small, acute gastroenteritis, and acute kidney failure can also have this condition.

1. Lack of nutrition

When the dog lacks the vitamins, calcium and other nutrients needed for growth and development, it will not be able to stand up. This time the owner needs to feed the dog a more nutritious and comprehensive dog food, let the dog eat calcium powder, calcium tablets, egg yolk to supplement nutrition. In the case of economic abundance, it is good to give the dog some vitamins.

2. Injured limbs

Dogs cannot stand when their limbs are weak and may have difficulty standing due to ligament strains, sprains, cartilage damage, fractures, and broken bones.

3. Suffering from diseases

Some diseases, such as distemper, canine microsomia, acute gastroenteritis, acute renal failure, and fever, can cause a dog to be unable to stand. If the dog has adverse reactions such as vomiting, nausea and convulsions in addition to limb weakness, the dog should immediately seek medical attention and follow the veterinarian’s instructions.