What emotions are expressed by the dog rolling on the ground?

1. Dogs rolling on the ground, generally dogs are in a state of excitement, through this way to express their happiness and joy.

2. The dog attracts the owner’s attention by rolling around, wants the owner to touch its belly and wants to play with the owner. This is also a sign of the dog’s great trust in the owner.

3. There is also the possibility that the dog’s abdominal pain is causing it to roll around, which is usually accompanied by symptoms such as the dog not eating, lack of energy, and howling from pain.

4. Itchy body. If the owner does not help the dog to deworm frequently, then when the dog’s body is too itchy, it will roll on the grass and this will relieve the itching. Therefore, it is recommended that owners must help their dogs to deworm frequently. Especially dogs that play in the grass a lot need to be externally dewormed once a month!

5. They do not like the smell of their own body. So the puppies will appear in the grass roll, the owner do not worry too much.

6. The dog may also be drying its coat quickly by rolling on the ground. If the owner does not thoroughly blow dry the dog’s hair after a bath, the dog will feel damp and uncomfortable, shaking its own hair and rolling around in the grass. Pet owners need to be aware that if a dog’s coat is constantly super damp, it can be prone to skin diseases!

7. Or dogs are bored.